How to Reach Thailand

How to Reach Thailand

Thailand is a country which is known as the tourist destination and is connected by many countries from air, road and rail transport. The people who reach Thailand need to get the Visa and have to carry the valid passport with them. These days if somebody asks “how to reach Thailand” then people get the right answer through all possible ways. Here are some easy way to reach Thailand and then find the various ways to enjoy along with the Thai Food which is much in demand.

Reaching Thailand by Air:

The air transport which has become the easiest medium to reach anywhere around the world can be seen with the international airports in Bangkok and Phuket. The airport has all the major airlines connected from many parts of Asia and also the other major continents. The international airports are found to be located in Koh Samui, Krabi, Hat yai and Chiang Mai. The connected flights from South-East Asian countries are found to touch down at Suvarnbhumi International Airport at Bangkok.

Reaching Thailand by Rail:

If you think how to reach Thailand by Rail is through a single international train service that operates between Butterworth and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and extends to Singapore. The train journey takes almost 48 hours and requires to change the train twice which may be bit confusing. For the many adjacent neighbouring countries like Singapore and Malaysia manypeople prefer it as the fare is cheap. Once you reach Thailand there are many option to travel between Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket.

Reaching Thailand by road:

How to reach Thailand by road has the simple answer to connect on your own all along the highways with an international driving permit and also a valid driver’s license. The bus also plies between countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Hat Yai. The route is scenic and also full with greenery and crossing the border can take more than a couple of hours. You should also keep in mind about the time of boarding the bus and reach ahead of time to the bus station. The cities like Phuket, Krabi, Phang Na and others are also connected with each other through the well connected bus services.

The main bus station to be found here are:

1. Northern Bus Terminal- Mo Chit

2. Eastern Bus Terminal- Eka Mai

3. Southern Bus Terminal- Sai Tai Taling Chan

4. Public Transportation Center at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Reaching Thailand by Water:

Thailand is a country which is surrounded by sea waters and has major ports which is connected by cruise liners from Hong Kong, Europe and Australia which stop at Phuket and Bangkok. The internal area of Thailand is also connected through inland waterways and most of the rivers have ferry services from Phuket to Indonesia only between November to May and also through Laem Chabang (Bangkok) which further connects to bigger port.

Thus, one could understand that 3/4th of the country is landlocked and 1/4th surrounded by waters makes it easy to reach through all means of transport and it solves the issue of how to reach Thailand in an easy way.