Northern Hill Tribes Tour, Thailand

Northern Hill Tribes Tour, Thailand

The Thailand Northern Hill Tribes Tour are a population which is primarily into subsistence farming and also slash-and burn agriculture techniques which is farming and live in a heavily forested communities. The popular perception is all about their technique of slashing and burning which further leads to destruction of environmental. So, many people keep them away from the local population and also they remain happier among themselves which remains a prominent characteristics of their life and growth.

Here are some main groups which could make you understand for Thailand Northern hill tribes tour:

The Akha: The Akha group is closely related to the Hani of China's Yunnan province and in Thailand they are called as E-gaw or Gaw. The Akha are also known to be one of the dominant cultural influence in the entire region and are more than two to three million in number. The Akha are a Samanic group which share the ancient universal archetype as the Goddess spins a universe where the nature is distinguished from humankind. The Akha way emphasizes rituals in everyday life and also stresses in terms of strong family ties which makes people to enjoy with Thailand Northern hill tribes tour as they are also seen singing hymn of creation and the first Akha is Sm Mi O.

The Yao: The Yao people are composed of several different groups as they speak different languages and one cannot differentiate among them. The Lu Mien makes 70% of the Yao population and the Yao population are said to be the first civilization in Asia. The Lu Mien people have their own identity, culture and language along with worship system and live on the hill side or the cultivated land which is suitable for farming and raise their family and people visit for Thailand Northern hill tribes tour.

The Karen: The Karen or the Bwa G' Naw also known as Kariang or Yang is the known hill tribes in South-East Asia. The total number of Karen people is unknown as they get spread throughout Burma, Laos and primarily in Thailand. The total number of Karen people is unknown but the population estimates range between 7.5 Million to 14 Million people. The factors of hill cultivation which is slash and burn agriculture along with settlement in permanent villages have also allowed to Karen people with better integration into Thailand and they have become a prominent one for the Thailand Northern Hill tribe tour.

The Hmong: The Hmong are the original inhabitants of the Yangtze River in ancient China. The expansion of neighbouring Chinese from the North are forced to Hmong people who have migrated Southwards to Laos and Vietnam but found better stay at Thailand. The Hmong are found in highlands of Thai region and are well integrated into Thai society and are most successful among the Thai tribes making people visit with purpose of Thailand Northern Hill tribes tour.

The other similar tribes are The Lahu, The Lisu and the Palaung which has similar lifestyle of agriculture and livestock managing with fishing and hunting being a part of their life. Although, their children become much advance and have given the country a new way of life through modern developments of cities and have mixed forming a dominant local population bringing prosperity to Thailand and the culture being the same of predominance which is akin to the tribesman.

The Northern Hill Tribes are the ethnic groups who inhabit the high mountainous northern and western regions of Thailand and are spread till Laos and Burma along with the Thanon Range. The "Highland Thais" is more recent terms for the designate groups living in mountainous region. They all have distinct language and culture with seven major names and nearly about a million hill people are treated as outsiders-criminals even, so they live in their own protected area. The hundreds of thousands do not get citizenship viewed as national security threat but people go and see their lifestyle and culture.